About Us

We are a family owned company. We strive to be productive, make meaningful relationships and project positivity.

Our Mission


When it comes down to it, we are guided by honesty and strong morals.


Doing whatever it takes to improve brand exposure, image, and sales.


The task at hand gets our full dedication to ensure completion and satisfaction.

Problem Solving

Never a problem we can’t find a solution to.

Data Driven

Making sure that numbers drive our most critical business decisions.

Our Relationship Values (3 C’s)




Frequently Asked Questions

How do you fulfill orders?

We like to start by making a modest first order (this varies) from our supplier.

From there we inspect the products and send most orders, with few exceptions, to Amazon FBA and/or Walmart WFS. These marketplaces fulfill customer orders and have a high customer satisfaction rate.

During this order we track multiple data points such as shipping time, added costs, sales velocity.

Once we have gotten rid of any kinks we then plan on making large orders every 1-3 months. This provides consistency throughout the year.

How do you increase sales?

We start by protecting your brand from rogue sellers and MAP violations. Then we use our industry leading software to optimize listings, setup advertising, respond to customers within hours, and a few other options that could be discussed.

What size orders do you place?

We don’t like to complicate things. The goal is to place consistent larger orders every one to three months.

What sets you apart from other eCommerce sellers?

We are focused on YOU and YOUR BRAND. The entire reason we do what we do is to get excellent products that we see as underserved in the hands of more people.

About the Owner

Michael Latragna

Ever since I “discovered” my wife (at terminal C3 of the Fort Lauderdale International Airport) it became clear to me that the best things in life happen when you take chances.  I have always been an ambitious entrepreneur at heart.  I am are grateful to be the parent to the two most amazing children, Sammy (6) and Eva Luna (3).  My goal when creating this company was to learn, grow and be a great role model for my children. My hope is that they see with hard work, perseverance, and passion that anything is possible.