Your Success is Our Success

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Streamline Growth

Once you are in control of your brand the next step is to grow. We help to make this process seamless and efficient while expanding to new marketplaces in the US and around the world.

Maximize Sales

By marketing, advertising, strategic pricing we are able to maximize the sales your products. We also create new or update stale listings so they present well and show up better in searches. Our advanced keyword software and optimization techniques are on par with the best in the business.​

Brand Protection

Your brand strives to resinate positive emotions with your customers. We know how important it is that you protect that. We help to register your brand, remove unauthorized sellers, along with monitor MAP compliance issues.

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How we do business

Our Process

Step 1

Of the millions of products and brands out there we look for the best of the best. Our targeted criteria helps us reach out to brands with fantastic products and potential.

Step 3

Our warehouse prepares each product. For the best customer experience most products are sent to Amazon FBA and/or Walmart WFS. When necessary we do fulfill a small portion of products in house. It is important to us that customers get their products quickly.

Step 5

Data drives our decisions from this point forward. We use sales, search, and advertising histories to problem solve, plan and grow.

Step 2

It is essential that we learn about the company we work with. We gather price lists, analyze opportunities and determine your processes. Our plan is to find and order profitable products that people want.

Step 4

Finding ways to sell more of your product. This is accomplished through pricing (following MAP), advertising, marketing, listing optimization, discounts and a few other tricks up our sleeve.

Step 6

Automating to make the process simpler. Being able to place large orders on a consistent basis is now the goal.